hi friends,

this blog has been neglected over the course of our long, busy summer. my goal is to do more frequent, brief updates in the near future.

it is an exciting and emotional time for us now. we are moving on september 1st! a huge answer to prayer, many of your prayers. thank you all. the apartment is closer to the church and has an extra bedroom for little vera. we are packing furiously, and i am ready to begin nesting in there!

i am now 8 months along, and vera is healthily growing. we are checking out hospitals and are about to start prep classes in september.

we have weddings, building projects, babies arriving, and more at the church. we were blessed to host a group of friends from calvary chapel st. petersburg on a mission trip for a few days in july. and we were able to take some trips too. more to come on that.

we love you all. thank you for your prayers.

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