on our way

our summer has been full of travels and the blessing of spending time with loved ones. God blessed me with the ability to visit my family in florida in june, which was a time more precious than words can express. as many of you know, my dad was diagnosed with stage four cancer while i was visiting. how could i ever put into words my thankfulness that the Lord ordained that i should be there at that precise time. though it was one of the darkest hours of my life, i treasured time with my family & closest friends. & was so blessed to have a baby shower with my longest, closest friends and family.

in july, we were invited along to a week-long getaway in bavaria with four other families, close friends of ours from the church here. we stayed in a big, old home together in the farmlands & mostly just relaxed and spent time together. there were five kids and three pregnant women among us. so it was never dull, and there were many naps taken! michael and i did a lot of the meal planning & cooking, which if you know michael at all, was fun for him. we are so thankful to have such a church family here.

then at the beginning of august, to celebrate michael getting his german driver's license & in preparation for our life changing (for the better) with the addition of a certain vera marie, we decided to take a road trip together, to get away just the two of us for a week. we drove up to amsterdam and stayed five nights there. it was so beautiful, and the weather, though a little finicky, was definitely better for a pregnant lady than the heat we've been experiencing in germany! we wandered around, ate at lots of cute little cafes, and enjoyed our time together. we stopped on our way home to see our friends andrew & miriam, which was also a sweet time of catching up & savoring the fellowship of old friends.

so, that is all for now. more to come, hopefully next time will be pictures of our new apartment!

our main prayer requests for the moment are:
- my parents & family, as my dad is receiving treatment presently for cancer.
- my brother ray & his sweet family, as his father-in-law is also being treated for cancer.
- moving on september 1st & making sure we have what we need to get settled in.
- preparing for baby vera to come!

thank you all. we love you.


  1. Hello Marah! I had the pleasure of visiting with your sweet sister while she was here as well, & I know you & I exchanged smiles with one another :) Congratulations on the new life coming your way! I am praying for your dad & your mom, all of you. God bless you guys <3

  2. Love to read your updates, we are praying for you during your pregnancy and for Vera's safe arrival, along with prayers for your dad and family. Miss you!