why we're in HD

“my heart is steadfast, o God! i will sing & make melody with all my being! awake, o harp & lyre! i will awake the dawn! i will give thanks to You, o Lord, among the peoples; i will sing praises to You among the nations. for Your steadfast love is great above the heavens; Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds. be exalted, o God, above the heavens! let Your glory be over all the earth!” Psalm 108:1-5

that is the aim of our life: to praise & worship the true & living God with all that we are, to worship Him in and before the world, to see Him glorified in all the earth. 

simply put, we are in heidelberg because we know God has called us here to worship Him and help lead others to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. 

we met in siegen, germany at calvary chapel bible college. we both had a desire to follow Christ into the world and felt called to the music aspect of worship ministry. we were married in Florida on september 20, 2009, & stayed there, settling into living hope community church. in the spring of 2010 we had reached our six-month anniversary and had both begun to pray about the stirring we were feeling, for the Lord to send us where He would. 

through a series of events, we found out that calvary heidelberg was looking for a worship leader. we had been able to do ministry with cchd in the past, through the bible college and knew pastor chriss. so we contacted them, corresponded, and everyone prayed. the Lord amazingly provided the support we needed and brought everything together within a few months. we left for germany in august 2010. 

currently we are living in the heidelberg area, heading up the worship ministry. heidelberg is a historical university city and brings in people from all over the world. the church, therefore, is very multicultural with many students and families. the services are normally in english, with german translations, and we do a variety of german and english songs in worship. 

we are blessed with a growing team in the worship ministry, about 20 people that serve as pianists, guitarists, bassists, percussionists, singers, celloists, etc. the musicians are rotated around so that the teams are different every time. we've been able to get to know everyone this way, and it's been cool to see how well this works for this church body. we have team meetings at our home every few months and are trying to form deep relationships with everyone involved. 

in addition we're learning german. many people here, specifically in heidelberg & our church, speak english as a second language, which is a huge benefit to us. however it is our hearts' desire to learn the language of the heart of the germans. it is sweet to be able to converse together in this way, and the more we learn, the more awesome it is. we are thankful for a culture that really expresses joy to see foreigners learning their language and encourages it! 

so that's where we're at right now. we're here for at least two years and will continue to seek the Lord in where He'd lead us past then. please keep us in your prayers and praise the Lord with us for the sweet plans He has for our lives. how amazing it is, that God would desire to use us for His glory!