new financial support organization

as many of you know by now, we've recently switched to another organization to handle our finances. we are now with GO Ministries, a ministry of Calvary Chapel Norco, CA. this brings big changes for those that support us financially, and to see information of where and how to donate now, please click on the link, "how to support us" on the top of the page.
we are excited about this change for many reasons, and we believe it will be easier also for our supporters, as it's now possible to donate electronically and online.
for more information about GO Ministries, you can check out their website: http://go.ccnorco.org/

as many of you also know, our macbook recently bit the dust, leaving us with a need for another one. we're happy to report that since we sent an email out about it, many generous friends and family have donated about half of what we'll need for another one. we've been blessed to see the Lord's provision and stunned at His outpouring of grace. if you'd like to help with this, it would be much appreciated.

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