Week #1

Praise and thanks be to God, for He is good and His love endures forever.

We already miss our church family back in Calvary chapel Heidelberg. But we are so thankful to have this time with family and friends. We are doing well and are all adjusting great to Florida. We have really been blessed with great weather, as the summer has not fully kicked in yet. (It is coming and will surely be hot and humid) It is wonderful to have a bit of some transition weather having left sunny Heidelberg.

Our first week has been a busy one meeting and seeing friends and family. Some from out of town, others from out of the country! Last Sunday we got to spend time with the honeymooning Klamms. It was great to see Michael and Gabi. We went to church together, had lunch and went for a walk along the water. It was a blessed time with good friends.

Vera has been so sweet and she loves playing with her Nana and Papa (marahs parents). It is now over a month that Marah's dad has been off of the chemo. Some of his tastebuds are coming back, and other side effects of the double-edged sword called chemotherapy are slowly diminishing. We are thankful for that. He is still physically not close to where he used to be and a lot has changed. He has recently been feeling pain and discomfort in his back and the area of his liver.
What has not changed but only deepened is his love for the Lord. He is a great encourager and is very blessed to get so much time with his kids and grandkids.

We thank each of you who are praying for our family in this whole situation. Even in this week  we have seen so many small blessings that are too many to recount. The Lord is so gracious with us and we are blessed to have caring friends and family like you all.

In the loving grace of Christ,
Michael, Marah and Vera

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