as of the beginning of june, we are finished with our german language portion of the course. though it has been an intense five months,  the program was absolutely worth it. we made friends, learned a ton, and are able to understand and communicate much better. we'll definitely miss the class some days, but are so thankful to have a freer routine and be back in the swing of things with the church and fellowship.

last friday, the 24th of june, was our final test. thank you for all your prayers. we know that we had friends and family praying for us here in deutschland and all over the states. the Lord gave us both such peace going into the day and through the test. in the verbal part of the test, we had to speak with a partner and were blessed to be paired together. our God is so gracious.

we await the test results, while they have to be sent out to the telc institute in frankfurt to be graded. of course, everyone will know as soon as we are notified :) 

a couple of last-day shots:


love you all.

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  1. Ich habe immer wieder an Euch gedacht und dass Ihr so fleissig Deutsch lernt. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Test!