unsere neue Wohnung (our new apartment)!

praise the Lord! today we signed the lease for our new apartment in Dossenheim. for those of you who don't live in the Heidelberg area, Dossenheim is one town closer to the city of Heidelberg than Schriesheim (where we're living now). we have a lot of friends from the church that live there and the trains run a little more frequently into Dossenheim. it's a quaint family-town like Schriesheim, just in a valley from some cliffs and vineyards.

the apartment is small, but suits us well. it has a little garden/backyard & is in an old house. the biggest praise is that the landlord met with us personally and decided that we didn't need to pay a security deposit. God is so gracious.

so we move in around the second week of June, shortly before our sweet host, the Kleinloh family, returns to Germany. now we get to do the fun part.. look for home furnishings (the apartment only comes with the kitchen appliances & the kitchen table)!

we know that many of you have been praying for us - for that we are so thankful. we love you all!


  1. So glad You found it!I was wondering how the search goes, because it's not easy in this area.

  2. stoked that you guys found a place! We are in the same boat as you with filling up our shell of an apartment but thats why ikea is so legit! Love you guys.

  3. Wie cool!
    Natürlich nicht ganz so schön wie HANDSCHUHSHEIM...
    Ich freu mich jedenfalls sehr für euch!