merry christmas and happy new year!

hello and sorry it has been so long!

we pray this update finds you well, enjoying this new year with Christ - His mercies are new every morning, great is His faithfulness.

we've had a very busy season -- filled with all the activities of christmastime, winter, and the new year. we had the opportunity to go caroling with a bunch of students (and learned many german christmas songs). we had a christmas program at the chapel and a worship night filled with christmas songs. we've enjoyed christmas markets and the joys of snow. we spent christmas eve and new year's eve at the church, eating together, fellowshiping, and praising the Lord.

and while it has been very hard to be away from family and friends during this incredibly special time of year, we are so thankful that the Lord has given us friends here to enjoy the season with. marah also got the opportunity to visit home to see family and friends for alec and molly mclean's wedding for a week in december. this was a huge blessing and time of sweet refreshing.

as we begin the new year, we also begin our german immersion course. this was recommended to us by the foreign residents' office, as we'd like to continue receiving year visas in the future. it's basically a 600 hour course for 6 months in language and general understanding of the nation of germany. we will spend three hours a day, monday through friday, doing language and one hour a day learning german history, politics, etc. it will be very intense, but we've been told it's the best way to learn the language. so, we're excited.

below are some pictures of our winter so far & a link for our most recent newsletter, which can be picked up at calvary st. pete or living hope.

click here to view our newsletter

winter in schriesheim

christmas eve dinner at the church

snow on christmas!

sledding on new year's day with friends... our first time!

at a christmas market with friends from the church

we love you all and pray the Lord deeply blesses you in this new year. let's set our eyes ahead to those works He has already prepared to walk in (ephesians 2:10).

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  1. Love all the pictures. Your little town is so beautiful. So glad you had a nice Christmas and New Year's. Sledding looks like so much fun! We love and miss you!